Illmind: Behind the Curtain


So we had a little competition this week in hip hop, but I felt that the winner had to go to Illmind and his new record, Behind the Curtain. Not only does the cover look dope, but the music is so good. This album is a beat tape and one of only a select few to have made the Hip Hop Album of the Week on the Hip Hop Speakeasy so far. Every beat on this album is Hip Hop Speakeasy approved – very abstract, but very hip hop. He throws in some interesting synths and electronics that create this sick futuristic hip hop sound and then he tosses in some some smooth tunes and creates a nice set of beats that you can just sit and nod your head to. I definitely recommend this for anybody searching for a new beat tape. I don’t know what’s up with all those audio stems as the second half of the album but trust me, the first half is definitely well worth the buy. So, my rating…


I recommend this album to any fan of Black Milk because they have a similar sound.

1) Our Victory
2) Ahead of da Game
3) Giving Up
4) Blue Paint
5) Mug Shots
6) Situations
7) Here to There
8) Cornered
9) Illipedia
10) Next Round
11) Rapid Fire
12) Answer Me
13) Chop It Up
14) Oh Wow
15) Big Idea
16) Let It Fly
17) from My Head
18) New Start
19) Champions
20) Wannabee
21) Zulema
22) Gimme
23) Our Victory (Audio Stem)
24) Ahead of da Game (Audio Stem)
25) Giving Up (Audio Stem)
26) Blue Paint (Audio Stem)
27) Mug Shots (Audio Stem)
28) Situations (Audio Stem)
29) Here to There (Audio Stem)
30) Cornered (Audio Stem)
31) Illpedia (Audio Stem)
32) Next Round (Audio Stem)
33) Rapid Fire (Audio Stem)
34) Answer Me (Audio Stem)
35) Chop It Up (Audio Stem)
36) Oh Wow (Audio Stem)
37) Big Idea (Audio Stem)
38) Let It Fly (Audio Stem)
39) from My Head (Audio Stem)
40) New Start (Audio Stem)
41) Champions (Audio Stem)
42) Wannabee (Audio Stem)
43) Zulema (Audio Stem)

***Notable Mentions:
DJ Quik: The Book of David

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