Casey Veggies: Sleeping In Class (Deluxe Edition)

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Aight y’all, this week we got a guy by the interesting name of Casey Veggies (don’t let the name fool you!) droppin’ a deluxe version of a previous album he released last year called Sleeping In Class. The cover and the dude’s name already drew me in, but when I started bumpin’ it… damn. Man, this guy has got somethin’ to say and all of you gotta’ listen. Very real, very true to hip hop. He’s very different, I can’t really put him in a category but he’s different, so if you like that new new, check this guy out ’cause I’ve never heard of anything or anyone like him. He also got some interesting features on this album like Dom Kennedy, Kendrick Lamar, Tyler, The Creator and Mac Miller. Some of the beats get kind of annoying but that’s up for you guys to say; only opinions here, not facts. If you wanna check out more of his music, check out his site here. So, my rating…


I recommend this album to any fan of laid-back, chill hip hop that’s purely for relaxing to, not jazzy, but chill (wish I knew who to compare him to, if you have ideas, comment and let us know).

1) Forever
2) Ridin’ Roun Town
3) Hear Me Screamin’
4) Get Through (feat. Dom Kennedy)
5) 30,000 (feat. Nero)
6) Loved Then Alone
7) Go Ahead (feat. Mann)
8) Time Flies (feat. Skye Townsend)
9) Searching
10) DTA (feat. Tyler, The Creator)
11) Euphoria II
12) And Ever
13) Ridin’ Roun Town [Remix] (feat. C-San, Dom Kennedy, & Kendrick Lamar)
14) The Weight of the World
15) Can I Live (feat. Mac Miller)
16) I Be Over Shxt
17) Perfect

***Notable Mentions:
DTMD: Makin’ Dollas

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