Q&A: K-Murdock (Panacea) Talks Enjoying R&B, Forming A Group & The Hip Hop Cycle

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Sorry for the wait everybody! But here it is… the 9th Interview by the Hip Hop Speakeasy! Now, this one was really for Panacea, as a group. However, previously, we interviewed Restoring Poetry in Music, and Panacea and RPM share the same MC, that is, Raw Poetic. So, instead of reposting Raw Poetic’s answers, you can check his responses to these questions HERE, and below you can find the answers to the questions from the mastermind producer of Panacea, K-Murdock. There are a few exceptions, however, where we did include Raw Poetic’s answer as it pertained specifically to Panacea and not RPM. So… Check it out:

Q: Who were your musical idols growin up?
A: “Growing up my mom was always playing lots of R&B so I grew up with a strong affinity for artists like Anita Baker, Luther Vandross & Michael Jackson to name a few. When I got exposed to hip hop hardcore in the late 80s, I instantly became a fan of A Tribe Called Quest & De La Soul; Outside of those artists, I’d say my other biggest music idol is Quincy Jones due to his amazing ability to do so many genres of music and do them all exceptionally!”
Q: Who’s your favorite music artists of all time?
A: Easily A Tribe Called Quest, there would be no K-Murdock or Panacea without there influence musically!”
Q: What’s your favorite genre of music?
A: As I’ve gotten older I try and listen to more and more genres of music, but I always come back to hip-hop, maybe it’s because I feel the greatest connection to it since I grew up in it’s golden era, and even though the majority of it that’s played on radio/TV is not what I relate to, I still love hearing some dope beats and lyrics and that’s what hip-hop is to me- beats, rhymes & life!”

Q: What is your inspiration for creating songs (in general and/or specifically)?
A: “It may sound corny, but life in general. I’m always compelled by how I’m feeling or something I see to create, hence why we feed off inspiration and it comes from everything if u are open to let it, so be a movie I’m watching, another song I hear, a person I meet, it all inspires me!”
Q: What’s the history behind the group (when, where, why, how)?
A: Raw Poetic: “I met Kyle when I was in RPM way back in like ’03. We recorded a track, that turned into 5 albums over the next few years. We met at XM Radio though through a mutual friend, KB. Actually, get Kilawatt V 1.5 and listen to KB break down how we all know each other. He explains it better then I can.”

K-Murdock: “Like Raw P mentioned, it all comes from our boy KB, who was living with Raw Poetic at the time and working with me, I mentioned to him that I wanted to work with some new emcees and he introduced me to Raw P, we started out just recording a couple songs, but instantly clicked and decided to do an album under the name Panacea, after 2 record deals, we are indie again and both pursuing solo careers too as we approach 10 years of Panacea as a group next year- a big milestone!”
Q: Who are your musical inspirations?
A: “I still consider all the artists I mentioned earlier as my inspirations, there a bunch of new artists Ilisten to as well that inspire me too, but whenever I want some true inspiration, I got back to the tried & true ones I grew up on!”
Q: When did you start making music (individually)?
A: “I started producing music in highschool but really got serious in college when I spent my financial aid money on an Akai MPC 2000xl, much to my mom’s chagrin. So it’s been about 13 years now.”

Q: How did the name Panacea come to being?
A: “While in college I studied etymology, or word origins which required I learn a lot of greek words since the English language is derived from a mix of Greek & Latin. One of the words was panacea- referring to the Greek Goddess who could cure all ailments, I always thought of music as my panacea because I can always find some song to listen to that reflects my mood, so when it came time to name my group, I wanted something with meaning that sounded unique and ‘Panacea’ was it.”
Q: What was your inspiration for Ink is My Drink? What was it like working together?
A: Raw Poetic: “We had fun doing the first album so much, I think we just said f*** it; let’s do another. I came up with the name. It was originally Ink is My Drink (The Blue Mood) but the label wanted it shorter. First lesson of a label- It’s not about two anymore.

K-Murdock: Ink Is My Drink came right after we did Thinking Back, Looking Forward. We had such a blast and instant chemistry creating that we just kept making albums and ‘IIMD’ just came naturally! It was when I feel we were still clicking and developing ourselves as Panacea but really helped establish a blueprint of how we operated moving forward; As Raw P mentioned, it was was originally subtitled The Blue Mood as the album had a blue/cool color to it and it was inherent in the vibe of the majority of the songs.”
Q: What was your favorite song to record as Panacea?
A: Raw Poetic: “Hmmm… Out of 5 albums???? I can’t pick. A song I like though is Voyagers. Still feels new when I hear it.”

K-Murdock: “‘Orange Penicillin’ mainly because it’s a very personal song for both of us as we both had recently lost loved ones in our families, and that whole album A Mind on A Ship Through Time was kind of a healing process, but that song to this day I’m so proud of as I feel it honors those we lost and is subjective in that since personally, but the greater good out of it is every so often I get someone else who really feels the song too and shares their connection though again the song has some very personal elements- especially for me!”
Q: What was your favorite album that you guys made?
A: Raw Poetic:The Scenic Route. Hands Down! We had a lot of the bands (RPM) involvement. It was a good mix of K-Murdock production, PFritz, on guitar, and Aaron Keys. That album has a special place with me.”

K-Murdock: “I agree with Raw Poetic, The Scenic Route was a classic and maybe our best yet, we’ll see ;)”
Q: What separates you from other hip hop groups out there?
A: Raw Poetic: “I think the spacey, yet groovable aspect of Panacea kept it unique. Plus 2 theme driven albums is pretty cool. Yeah, I guess that’s… yeah. I don’t know. You tell me.”

K-Murdock: I just think it’s the lack of bravado and the ability to be ourselves, from the music to Raw P’s rhymes you get a good balance of our lives- often codified 7 hidden in the clever lyrics, as well as bigger more fantastic allusions to things we all can relate to, so it’s a unique chemistry that I really cant explain but am very thankful for it and to have linked with Raw P.”
Q: What do you want people to get from your music?
A: “Whatever they need from it at the time- maybe they are happy, maybe pensive and confused and just need to lose themselves and space out; maybe sad and need some words to uplift them, it’s art at its essence so whatever u take from it, I can’t say whether that’s right or wrong, but we’re just happy u listened!”
Q: How do you see the state of hip hop now compared to in the past? What do you hope for the future?
A: “It’s all cyclical, so as much as I can complain about their being wack shit everywhere, there’s still a good amount of dopeness so u gotta watch and listen for it, but some of the same stuff happening in the 80s, 90s in music in general is coming back now in 2k12, so again, all cyclical- not just for hip-hop but all music. The key is remembering the past and taking that to build off for the future, that’s what we TRY and do.”
Q: Whats on your guys’ iPod?
A: “Mostly instrumental hip-hop and lots of 80s synth-pop and classic R&B, like iI said, that’s what I was born off so till this day, I still listen and love it!”
And there you have it. Big shout out to K-Murdock, Raw Poetic, KB and Neosonix productions lettin’ us get a few words in with one our favorite hip hop groups! Peace!
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