“Guess Who” – Wax and Dumbfoundead

“Guess Who” – Wax and Dumbfoundead

Honestly, I’m really sorry for holdin’ out on you guys, because I’ve had this track ready to post for almost six months now and I’m finally gettin’ to it. So you’ll have to listen now, but trust me, you’ll forgive me anyway. (Pictured above) rapper Dumbfoundead, producer EOM, and rapper Wax came together to create one of the dopest, unheard singles of 2011. There is a hook, but the verses sound like freestyles as each emcee spits four bars, and then (literally) passes the mic onto the next guy. The song itself is dope, but the music video is crazy! Not only are they rapping the song in a cool setting, but they’re doing it live! (You can tell because of how EOM starts off in the beginning and that the sound of them rapping is different then on the track itself). If you love this song, which I know you will, you can download the mixtape that this song came off of HERE. So, again, my apologies for not puttin’ you on, but you’ll deal once you add this song to your daily rotation:

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