Asher Roth & Nottz: Rawth EP [2010]

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If you’ve ever doubted Asher Roth as a rapper, you need to check out this EP he did with Nottz a few years back. I’ve always had an interest in Asher Roth since his debut in 2009, but some people still doubt him as a hip hop artist. I’m here to tell you guys that Asher Roth is dope… and that’s that. How many times do artists go in on intro tracks? Well on the Rawth EP, both Asher Roth and Nottz Raw go hard on the intro, and Asher even sings a catchy chorus backed by some electronic vocal sample. Nottz’ beats and Roth’s rhymes go together like no other producer-MC combo I can think of in recent years; they just fit so perfectly together. Asher Roth’s signature smooth, low and mellow voice and quirky rhymes go great over Nottz’ warm, full-banging beats. “Gotta Get Up (feat. D.A.)” and “Nothing You Can’t Do” are definitely my favorite tracks. This whole album is honestly a fun record; it isn’t like a memoir or anything extremely intriguing, but Roth plays with his rhymes and tells some funny stories and even gets motivational on the closing track. Both of these guys are talented artists and I just am grateful they put out an album together. Hopefully this means that Nottz Raw will be a producer on Asher’s upcoming sophomore album…


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