Es: Feud For Thought [2012]


It’s these kind of releases that keep my yearn for indie-hip hop alive. Es is a Canadian emcee and producer with a vision to restore the creativity and authenticity into hip hop. His album Feud For Thought was released last month and it is definitely worthy of a thorough review, even a month later. Almost 100% of any skippable track, Feud For Thought is an album that will leave you wanting more and more of Es’ authentic lyricism and expert beats. I get a little sense of Masta Ace in Es’ lyrics, flow and overall manner. His beats are very unique, only slightly comparable to something like Nottz’ production. His words are enticing and very well, thought out. Tracks like “King,” “Free Your Mind,” and “You Don’t Care” are guaranteed to impress. His sound is so pure and so real to hip hop. For hip hop, you should get this album. Read the official description to his album below, and then catch a full stream of Feud For Thought after the bump:


“Feud For Thought” is a collection of my thoughts which illustrate my views on what is hurting this culture, music and community that I love. This beautiful forum of expression is being exploited for capital gain at the expense of the impressionable minds of the youth. Hip hop is much more than the one dimensional imagery depicted in various mainstream media. The entire story isn’t being told. The industry powers- that-be would rather force-feed the masses watered-down, dumbed-down rubbish than evoke thought, knowledge of self, introspection, messages of love, peace and respect. They will have you believe that hip hop is supposed to look and sound a certain way. A bunch of cookie-cutter mass produced cloning has negatively impacted the creative element of the music. My war is with the media brainwashing. My feud isn’t necessarily with the clones themselves. My feud is with the “puppet masters” controlling minds and insulting the intelligence of the masses. The dumber they make us, the more money we put into their pockets. Let’s fight for mental freedom. Let’s fight for creativity and originality. Let’s “Feud For Thought”.

– Es

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