I think the iTunes description says it best when it writes, “When you set your collaboration bar as high as Madvillainy, all future collabos are subject to over-scrutiny.” While this is true, it’s important to point out that this album, is in fact below par as compared to Madvillainy. But that means something, really; it means that this album is simply not as solid of a project as it could have been. MF DOOM is a phenomenal lyricist, unlike any other the genre has ever seen, and Jneiro Jarel is the same while existing in his own abstract, production world. I believe that the idea of this collaboration seems a lot cooler than it sounds. While at times, the vocals of DOOM and the beats of Jarel mix very well together, there are some tracks that sound like too much of a stretch for both artists (think of Eminem on a Dilla beat… good, but a little weird, right?) Well, this album is definitely top-notch, I will give it that, but perhaps DOOM fans are too anxious for Madvillainy 2 than to be fully concerned with any other projects he may have to offer. But, in the end, you cannot deny that the Cockney-lyrics, the spacey-production and the underground quality of Key to the Kuffs is fantastic. The lead single “Guv’nor” is hands down my favorite track off the album, but “Viberian Sun Pt. II” is one ill track to vibe to. You can make up your own opinion of this album by checking the full stream below. So, my rating…


I recommend this album to any fan of that grungy, underground style and, of course, any other MF DOOM or Jneiro Jarel project.

1) Waterlogged
2) Guv’nor
3) Banished
4) Bite the Thong (feat. Damon Albarn)
5) Rhymin Slang
6) Dawg Friendly
7) Borin Convo
8) Snatch That Dough
9) GMO (feat. Beth Gibbons)
10) Bout the Shoes (feat. Boston Fielder)
11) Winter Blues
12) Still Kaps (feat. Khujo Goodie)
13) Retarded Fren
14) Viberian Sun Pt. II
15) Wash Your Hands

***Notable Mentions:
J Bizness: Flight Plan
Five Steez: War for Peace

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