Doe Cigapom: Caged Birds EP [2012]

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The long-awaited debut from rapper Doe Cigapom (“Deliver On Emotions” and “Can I Get A Peace Of Mind”) finally released fresh via Bandcamp. We posted plenty of tracks from this album – “CagedBirds (feat. DaNedra Rowell),” “Summertime Stroll,” “Don’tULuvMe,” and “GreatPotOfYeah (feat. Benji).” With that many features on HHSE, you already know we dig this album. The album’s production is handled entirely by Soulful, and it is handled marvelously.

Wait is so great about Doe Cigapom is his fun songwriting abilities. His songs are highly entertaining and engaging, with some interesting stories, great poise and vocals and an overall dope sound. And the production is fantastic and definitely soulful. Whether he incorporates blaring horns or chopped and screwed vocal samples, Soulful knows how to make a good beat. What’s even better is that Doe Cigapom embodies every beat he raps on it, making the connection between these two artists impeccable.

Although relatively short, this CagedBirds EP really shows off some incredible talent. The beats and the rhymes both scream hip hop and really do well to personify the ever-growing indie and underground world of music. One can only hope that these two keep collaborating and making projects together, because when they may music together, musical gold comes of it. Listen to pure lyricism by grabbing the FREE download and enjoying the full-album stream, as well.



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