Big Meats & Satisfied: Soul Food Scriptures EP [2012]


The hip hop team made up of rapper Big Meats and producer Satisfied creates an ardent set of tracks for their project, Soul Food Scriptures EP. Bassy, soulful instrumentals outlining conscientious, verbal poetry sets the standard for the music heard on Soul Food Scriptures EP. It is easy to really feel this music, based on the true words spoken by Big Meats and the emotional beats made by Satisfied, and it is surely to feed your soul, just as the title suggests.

There is a low-budget quality to this project, but that doesn’t distract really from the overall vibe of the album, so that’s good. Big Meats speaks from experience when he rhymes on tracks like “Spinning” and “Everyday Thang (feat. Roy Boi).” Living a life full of issues and concerns, Big Meats tries to keep it positive by being faithful and looking upwards. Inspiring as it is entertaining, Big Meats’ rhymes can really paint a picture of a life once lived.

Sometimes choppy, sometimes smooth as anything, Satsified’s beats accompany the rawness of Big Meats very well. The beats and the rhymes herald a feeling of yin and yang, honestly, and that establishes a level plane for this album’s overall sound to reside on. The only thing that I would put down about the production is not necessarily the beat itself, but the mastering of it, for, at times, Big Meats overpowers the instrumental and makes it sound off and not loud enough. But, to say the least, the beats are solid and work well with Big Meats.

Big Meats has a story tell, as well as some lyrical talents and abilities to showcase, and all of that is done on Soul Food Scriptures EP. Satisfied aides in establishing a very soulful mood for the project, as well as giving Big Meats the runway to take-off on. Together, Big Meats and Satisfied’s Soul Food Scriptures EP is a nice project that, had it been amped up quality-wise (as far as recording, mixing and mastering), I feel that this album would have been a very, very nice album.



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