Doc Heller: BrokinElevatourMuseick [2011]


Experimental hip hop and extreme, abstract electronica collide on Doc Heller’s mind-blowing project, BrokinElevatourMuseick. Extraneous vocal samples, discordant and dissonant sounds lay very heavily on the filtered and industrial production. Abrasive, edgy sounds and multitudinous noises clutter every track… and yet, it works. Sending your mind into an alternate space, these “beats” sound like nothing you’ve ever heard, and for that, Doc Heller gets a big thumbs up from me.

While he can be really “hip hop,” as is heard on tracks like “Diving Lessons,” Doc Heller is mostly quite experimental with his music and diverges into an eclectic world of electronica. “Virtual Reality Overdose” for example features a flurry of electronic sounds and various, random vocal samples littering a consistent set of kicks and snares. While displeasing on the outside, after a thorough listen, the rhythmic drive is quite well-crafted and the unique sound stands up to the utmost originality.

Definitely an acquired taste, the sounds heard on BrokinElevatourMuseick may take a bit of adapting to really appreciate their full value. While average beat junkies can certainly enjoy tracks like “Ha yeah” and “Shadow Phobia,” the majority of these musical creations strike me as very out there and probably require a different taste in music to enjoy. People who enjoy the music of Flying Lotus, Samiyam, Daedelus and others like them would probably be more inclined to appreciate this music. That is not to say the everyday hip hop listener should not hear this, they should, but be ready for an alternate dimension in sound you may not be used to hearing.

BrokinElevatourMuseick is as wild and crazy as its cover conveys it to be. Abstract, colorful, vibrant and almost frighteningly strange, Doc Heller masters a sound so original, you will be hard-pressed to find others like him. True fans of hip hop-electronica might dig this project and be out to search for more of Doc Heller’s material. But if there’s one thing you should take from this review, it is that if you want to take your mind on a musical journey through other-wordly dimensions of sound, then definitely hit play and tune in to Doc Heller’s BrokinElevatourMuseick.


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