The French Touch Connection: Night Walk In the Past [2013]

As a collection of hip hop and trip-hop producers, you’d expect the collective known as The French Touch Connection to have a very diversified, seemingly inconsistent and possibly misconstrued sound; yet, with the utmost ease and grace, silky smooth melodies pan out from the first track, all the way to the closing melody on the last track. The unity found on this album would certainly leave one to believe that this was a group, rather than a set of French producers. Nevertheless, Night Walk In the Past is a harmonic journey through samples from old French films and songs that puts your mind in a state you don’t ever want to leave.



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The author Stone

Stone is a hip-hop enthusiast residing in NJ/PA. As an aspiring hip-hop producer, Stone studies communications and shares his passion for music by letting the world in on the wonderful world of hip-hop.