Willie The Kid & Bronze Nazareth: The Living Daylights (Album Review)

Over two decades since their inception, the Wu-Tang Clan still extends its roots to a myriad of artists – those who were directly related to the original crew, and those who were simply influenced by the legendary group. For Willie The Kid and Bronze Nazareth, the Wu-Tang affiliation is close-knit as Bronze has always been associated with the group, as well as Willie The Kid who is the cousin of La The Darkman, another affiliate of Wu-Tang. On their new collaborative album, Willie The Kid and Bronze Nazareth knock The Living Daylights out of any and all competitors.

If you recall any notion of a Wu-Tang affiliate, than you can pretty much anticipate how this album will sound; that is for good or for worse. Some may revere at the gritty, boom-bap sound that covers this album from beginning to end; others may feel that this sound is nothing new and, therefore, nothing noteworthy. Although it is without question that the beats are good and the raps are even better, it sometimes feels as though it is too much to ask for these artists who brandish a more “traditional” sound to try something new. As said in reviews before, it is not necessarily that we look for something that pushes the envelope, but it is always a question of how long can we really enjoy this kind of style?

Nevertheless, Willie The Kid and Bronze Nazareth make an efficacious duo. Knockout bars cascade like fists pummeling listeners with punch after punch; each bar packs an energy expected with a Wu-Tang affiliate album. Roc Marciano, Sean Price and Sha Stimuli are just a few of the featured artists who offer additional lyrical beat downs on the album. The latter two emcees contribute to possibly the greatest song off of The Living Daylights on “Delirium.”

Instrumentally, the record features heavily sampled beats that usually include string samples and an underlying soul sound, even if sometimes masked by a darker vibe than often associated with a soulful sample. The album is good for sure, but besides your standard dose of hard-knocking bars, The Living Daylights features similar sounds we’ve heard on other Wu-Affiliate albums. Perhaps, after over two decades of brandishing this sound, the numerous Wu-Affiliates could work to fixate their sounds into a more modern sound in order to offer something refreshing. Notwithstanding, The Living Daylights offers a fair share of punchline-filled verses and classic, boom-bap beats that will satisfy the vintage, old-school craving of 90s-heads.


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1) Overture
2) Avalon (feat. Roc Marciano)
3) The Blitz (feat. S-Class Sonny)
4) Breakfast In France (feat. Kyss)
5) Sweet Sorrow
6) The Guilt
7) Fucking Blades (feat. L.A.D.)
8) Wu Babies (feat. Sun God & Young Dirty Bastard)
9) Ain’t Nothing (feat. Boldy James)
10) Coming From
11) Delirium (feat. Sha Stimuli & Sean Price)
12) Ice Cold Guinness (feat. L.A.D.)
13) Bless My Food (feat. Tekh Togo)

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