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Dear Reader,

It’s been a while since we have posted such an update as this, but one was definitely overdue. If you’ve been following us (thank you!!) or if you’ve just got put on to the Speakeasy (welcome!) then now would be a good time to give you a quick rundown of what’s going on with HHSE.

Over the summer, we renovated the site and revamped the entire layout. We wanted to make a change here at HHSE and focus less on songs and more on quality, long-lasting content through album reviews, editorials, interviews and higher quality music. This included weeding out a great deal of our submissions; we truly appreciate every artist that takes the time to submit music to our site, but it comes a time when quality has to be understood as far greater than quantity, a belief we’ve always beheld. And so, our submission review process has gotten more strict, so please be sure to check our Submission Guidelines to ensure the highest chance of you getting reviewed.

More recently, however, we have revamped our homepage. In our opinion, the homepage to a website such as ours should be sweet, simple and to the point; that is why we combined our Menu options to feature simple things to “Read” and things to which you can “Listen.” This way, any reading piece – from Reviews to Editorials and Interviews – are under the “Read” category, and anything you can listen to – from Free Downloads to Music Videos – are under the “Listen” category.

Additionally, our biggest feature of our homepage is the Feature Grid. This is just below our slider (which promotes the biggest posts on the site). The Grid features the latest and greatest reviews, songs and good reads (such as editorials, interviews, etc.). This innovative feature to our site adds a nice view of interesting material to get you started on navigating through our site. If you’d like to read more reviews, hear more music and check out more good reads, we’ve included buttons below the grid to help get you where you want to be on The Speakeasy; you can either get there by clicking the aforementioned buttons, or by navigating with our main menu.

We hope that this homepage layouts makes things more interesting, but also easier so that you can read all of the great content that you may like to encounter while on our site. We’d love to hear what you think and encourage any feedback. So please, comment, share and interact (we’re people too!) – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Lastly, we are always looking for more writers so if you’re a hip-hop fan and have an opinion, then you can submit an inquiry to to ask about writing for us! Any help would be greatly appreciated as there’s always content to go up on the site – from reviews to submissions to think-pieces. Thanks and stay dope!

Yours in this Hip-Hop Ish,

Owner/Editor in Chief

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The author Stone

Stone is a hip-hop enthusiast residing in NJ/PA. As an aspiring hip-hop producer, Stone studies communications and shares his passion for music by letting the world in on the wonderful world of hip-hop.