gaVen heVy Talks His Grassroots, King of the Hill & New York Hip-Hop

Young talent is nothing new nowadays. But many young artists fight to stand out in the crowd of “too many rappers.” That’s where a guy like gaVen heVy comes in. The East coast artist has featured a few times on The Hip Hop Speakeasy as well as on other hip-hop sites. Recently, we had the chance to speak to up and coming artist gaVen heVy and got to find out much more about the artist.

Q: Where did you grow up?
A: Originally I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. My family is from the Caribbean, they moved over here in the late 80’s and I was born right after the move. My mom is from Hati, and she has a Caribbean background. I was born raised, and still living in New York City.”

Q: Hearing your raw, sample based, real New York style of hip hop, who are your biggest musical influences?
A: “It dates back definitely to New York hip hop, form the Jay-Z’s to the Nas’ to the Notorious B.I.G’s, to even people like Busta Rhymes. But even globally, I was a big fan of Snoop growing up. Even some of the southern stuff like ludacris and Outkast. Even stuff with soul and bounce a lot of Neo Soul music growing up.”

Q: When did you start rapping?
A: “Honestly man it goes back to grade school. I remember writing poems. And then in junior high school and high school at the lunch table, people used to make beats on the table and we used to just kick freestyles and I remember picking out other peoples verses in songs and spitting in the cipher and people used to like it so it slowly transformed into me writing my own verses. So I’d say around high school I started officially writing my own songs and verses.”

Q: When did you start thinking you should take this serious?
A: “Professionaly, definitely around 2-3 years ago when I was an undergraduate in college. When I recorded in my first state of the art studio, and once I heard how it sounded and the reception of it.”

Q: What makes gaven hevy different than all the other rappers out there?
A: To be honest it’s just my background. I studied business and administration so besides being an audio artist I am also a freelance photographer, so I just try to make sure that my scope on what I speak on is not linear. I think a lot of the times where – not even rappers just musicians period – is once you come out somebody just tries to throw you in a box because of your sound or whatever and they just try to put you in a jar where they feel fitting. As far as I go, I feel like there is no box I am trying to fit in, and I think that makes me very different: the fact that I am not just trying to enclose myself into one sound or one genre.”

Q: Seeing that you produce all of your music videos, do you want to get more into that or just stick more towards rapping?
A: “Yeah I kind of want to explore whatever I can get my hands on. To be honest my favourite thing to do is learn. So I want to be involved with a lot of things musically and it goes back to just separating myself from other rappers. A lot of times you get a rapper that just raps. I mean there is nothing wrong with that, but I feel like that for me I want to be involved with the way the music video looks, I want to be involved with the way the record sounds, I want to be involved with the art direction, the visual cover art for the records. If not do everything myself, at least be able to do everything myself to collaborate and things of that nature.”

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