Hip-hop is a major part of our lives, and with all of the submissions, album reviews and editorial ideas we have, sometimes it’s hard to keep everything consistent as far as content is concerned. Besides, we all have real jobs and real classes to go to and take and so we are looking for help!

We are seeking passionate hip-hop fans and/or writers who want to help contribute in the form of editing and posting email submissions and/or reviewing albums. We would also like to welcome any editorialists, as well.

So if you would like to expand your writing or get started in blogging and online journalism, please email:

with the subject “Help Wanted” and we will consider your email.

This is a wonderful opportunity to reach hundreds of hip-hop fans and readers and to experience new hip-hop daily, as well as share you opinions and voice with the rest of the underground hip-hop community.

Peace and thanks!

***Please note, we need weekly (preferably daily) articles. Please be prepared to contribute enough content***

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Thought up by two hip-hop fans, The Hip Hop Speakeasy was started for a sole purpose: to spread the word of good, underground hip-hop music.