A few years back we published a review of an album that reworked hip-hop classics into modern jazz wonders. That album, Re:Live by monolog (aka Yuki Kanesaka) featured an elegant, sophisticated recreation of older hip-hop songs that were molded into jazz form. Today I present to you 〄 DJM 〄 trio and their similar hip-hop-turned-jazz remix album, cave art. What’s new and interesting about cave art is that the music takes on a more youthful feel; less extravagance, and more exuberance. While cave art has its moments (see “poptartpete – paine”), the majority of workings on this album by 〄 DJM 〄 trio is fun, experimental, sprightly, and full of buoyant energy. More so than anything, the album is more edgy than the soothing tones of Re:Live as 〄 DJM 〄 trio incorporates quite a bit of electronica experimentation in their re-workings. Nevertheless, cave art is a one-of-a-kind project that breathes life into these memorable hip-hop tracks and you’ll be tapping your feet along to the upbeat recreations of some golden classics.

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