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deM atlaS: DWNR EP

Pub. 11/5/14

“And it must be a holiday because Rhymesayer‘s just unveiled a surprise new deM atlaS album: DWNR EP. The midwest rapper dropped nine tracks in the form of an EP and did not skimp on any of them. DWNR feels like a rap album, but musically it represents much more.”


Hail Mary Mallon: Bestiary (Album Review)

Pub. 11/11/2014

“Out of the depths of weird rap arises a force more than just oddities in rhymes and quirkiness in beats. Hail Mary Mallon has prepared their second album Bestiary with Rhymesayers and now the trio consisting of Aesop RockRob Sonic and DJ Big Wiz are making their mark on 2014, adding another surprisingly noteworthy release to a year of ups and downs for hip-hop. Grungy undertones accompany bizarre verses chock full of brain-busting, lyrical bantering and humorous lines, all wrapped within a sound unlike anything you’ve heard this year.”

“Lil Stoner Boi” – Alex Wiley

Pub. 11/17/2014

“The song “Lil Stoner Boi” is produced by Taylor Young and Carter Lang and is an electrifying example of Wiley’s energetic tendencies. The Chicago emcee dropped his Village Party mixtape this year to much acclaim, and with the infectiously good vibes of “Lil Stoner Boi,” we can only imagine what the artist has cooking in the lab.”


Kev Brown And Hassaan Mackey: That Grit

Pub. 11/4/2014

Kev Brown has always had his hands on some formidable boom-bap projects. After teaming up with Hassaan Mackey for Ill Adrenaline Records, Kev Brown can add That Grit to an already stellar discography. Practically made on a whim, That Grit is another low-budget production that sounds as raw as its rough cover looks. Kev Brown has a background with making random beats on the spot, and Hassaan Mackey is a freestyle rapper at heart, so these two impromptu spirits come together well on this dusty little EP.

Big K.R.I.T.: Cadillactica (Album Review)

Pub. 11/10/2014

“In the futuristic world that is CadillacticaBig K.R.I.T. is the creator and the innovator of what is to be a land of grandeur; bass; and themes of love, strength, and fame. On his most conceptual effort, Big K.R.I.T. takes listeners on an interstellar ride through hip-hop history, parading as the carrier of the torch for Southern hip-hop, and bringing the same listeners to rest in front of two fifteens and a legend in the making.”


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