Colorful trance-like experimentations blur between the sharp timbres of brass instruments bellowing out and the soft, underwater-esque auras of electronica. That is a single sentence to try and define what you can expect to hear on Jack Lion‘s The K L EP. To blend jazz in music nowadays is welcomed, but can become overused and almost cliche. Not so for Jack Lion. The Iowa City musicians perfectly balance the unpredictability of free form jazz (see the opener, “Snapdragon”) with the energy and brilliance of old-school downtempo (as heard on “Birds”). While the hip-hop element on this project is minimal (save for “Way Down [C Y G N Remix]”), the electronica vibe is strong and for that, we feel you should listen. For extra convincing, you can grab a sweet cassette of The K L EP via Bandcamp if you’re into that sort of thing.

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