ShunGu: An Astrological Series

Over the course of last year, Belgian producer ShunGu released several beat tapes named after the astrological signs. Now, ShunGu has selected his personal favorites for this extensive collection of nighttime-worthy instrumentals called An Astrological Series. In each production, jazz elements are heavily influential in the track’s swing and mood. Drum rhythms are scarcely syncopated, if ever. The whole project features a very raw edge, but is never rough – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. An Astrological Series is a fine compilation of smooth hip-hop beats that are also available on a very special cassette via Bandcamp. Stream the album below.

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The author Stone

Stone is a hip-hop enthusiast residing in NJ/PA. As an aspiring hip-hop producer, Stone studies communications and shares his passion for music by letting the world in on the wonderful world of hip-hop.