Aidan Moore: The Great American Adventure

“I’m trying to find God. Haven’t found It yet. Still looking.”

With sites like Soundcloud, Audiomack, and Bandcamp, it’s incredibly fast and easy for an artist to connect to their fans and release music. That’s exactly what Aidan Moore has been doing for 3 years, releasing mixtape after mixtape hoping for someone to hear his talent. Now with his most recent release, The Great American Adventure, it’s fair to say that Aidan Moore is on his way. Bringing together smooth-sounding jazz snippets, electro beats and lilting guitar-laced instrumentals as a backdrop to his rapping talent, the Portland born emcee demonstrates that he knows exactly what he wants to accomplish in the music industry. And if his previous works Weirdo and The Experiment have anything to show for, it’s that his determination to succeed shouldn’t be taken lightly. From the sweet sounding “Fairy Tales,” reminiscent of childhood bedtime lullabies, to the powerful “Delusions of Grandeur,” this mixtape is indeed a Great American Adventure, and one that shouldn’t be missed. Stream and download the project for FREE below.

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