When hip-hop and philosophy come together in HD‘s world, the Brooklyn emcee spews flaming hot bars with introspective themes on The Greay(t) Area. HD, aka HDBeenDope’s new LP is an alarmingly twenty one track project, but in each of the minutes-long compositions, HD makes it a point to keep the listener engaged beyond what you would expect in your typical rap song. Back to the note on philosophy, a lot of HD’s presence comes off like Kendrick Lamar in his earlier days, but the show-stopping samples (see “Synopsis”) and production value on The Greay(t) Area is far more incredible than most of what you’ll hear from contemporary New York artists. If you can sit through the lengthy project, you will be nothing short of floored by something you can grab for FREE. I encourage you to listen, marvel and then share the sounds of HD’s new album The Greay(t) Area.

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