Ever since Hir-O produced Red Pill‘s album The Kick, we here at the Speakeasy have been keeping an ear out for the Detroit beat curator. Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard a couple of new sounds from the producer’s new catalogue and we’ve been waiting to hear the anticipated LP from Hir-O. Now, thanks to Mellow Orange, Hir-O’s new project has seen the light of the day in form of the electronica-infused full-length, Emissary. Red Pill makes a guest appearance on the record, as does Mic Write, Doc Illingsworth and many others. Contrary to any preconceived notion of a definitive hip-hop sound Hir-O may have had, Emissary is replete with astral-electronic sounds just as much as it’s covered in a wash of upbeat, disco-era funk. The vocal chops on “Lovely Day On Dagoba” make for one of the greatest feel-good instrumentals in recent memory; the blow-out that is “Contra 500” begs to be played with open windows in a car during the summer; and I already talked a lot about the album’s single, “Return To Risa.” Hir-O captivates a truly remarkable sound on Emissary and proves to insert more than just hip-hop into these beats, which you can get right now straight from Mellow Orange’s Bandcamp.

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