“Justine Skye You Wanna Be My Girlfriend?” – Svn

Put expectations aside, because Svn‘s somewhat open letter song to singer Justine Skye on “Justine Skye You Wanna Be My Girlfriend?” is nothing you could ever anticipate, I promise. First off, the track starts with a crazy sample flip of Erykah Badu‘s “Window Seat” before a super grimy bass cuts through the track and the drum drops allowing Svn’s confidence to soar and kick off one hell of a song. He’s got corny lines (in a funny way), witty lines and hilariously entertaining lines in the song, all of which create a unique experience for a rap song. Listener’s are left nodding to the beat while simultaneously cracking a smile at almost every turn as Texan rapper Svn tries to woo Justine Skye into being his girlfriend. Despite all the kinky sexual innuendos, this song Svn let loose is one to play through. Stream and download “Justine Skye You Wanna Be My Girlfriend” for FREE.

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