“Lonely in Times Square” – Russ

Russ has been releasing track after amazing track for the past few weeks, and he doesn’t plan to stop this roll yet, as seen by his latest offering titled “Lonely in Times Square.” In what has now seemed to have become his signature, the artist both wrote and produced the song before you. On “Lonely in Times Square,” Russ wholly expresses his musical and artistic talent by singing and rapping over a background of simple, repeated beatboxing vocals and an electro instrumental. Go give it a listen below, and download it for FREE.

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The author HNV

Born in Spain but raised all over the world. If I'm not listening to my iTunes library or trying to produce beats on my computer, I'll probably be doing homework. I enjoy listening to all genres of music, especially rap/hip-hop, so if you don't like music, then you won't like me.