R&B singer/rapper Sean C. Johnson presents his self-proclaimed “origin story” through his powerful, new LP, CIRCA 1993. A few months back, we heard the project’s lead single and opening track, “Mountains.” With a full-length, Sean C. Johnson takes the time to really strongly execute his introduction to the musical world through a cohesive project. CIRCA 1993 relishes in soulful production and Johnson’s continuous references to religion. But what is most interesting are the four elements that surround the album’s subject matter (as per the Bandcamp description): the death of Sean C. Johnson’s mother, falling in love with music, viewing pornographic material for the first time, and dedicating his life to religion. One half of the album details these striking beginnings for the hip-hop/R&B artist, while the second half shows Johnson in the present. CIRCA 1993 is incredibly raw and features some deep-felt vocals by Sean C. Johnson. Open your mind and experience the one that is Sean C. Johnson on CIRCA 1993 by streaming the project and downloading for FREE below.

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