Roland’s Juno-106 synth available for free in your browser


Beatmakers and those (with headphones) bored at work, rejoice. Roland’s classic Juno-106 synth is available for free via your favorite browser.

Play Roland’s Juno-106 Synth here.

106.js runs on javascript and is a near-perfect emulator of the old-school synth and features all the controls of most traditional synthesizers.

The emulator even allows for external MIDI, but if you’re looking to just tinker around, it already works natively with your computer keyboard.

There’s extensive documentation on the 106.js GitHub page. While it doesn’t appear that one can record and then export any musical creations with the 106.js, it is possible to create patches and share that unique URL with others.

If you can’t bring yourself to buy the real thing, or you can’t afford it, the 106.js is a fun substitute in the meantime.

Here’s an exclusive patch I made just for Hip Hop Speakeasy readers.


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