Thomas Prime: The Instrumental LP, Vol. 2 [2012]

Set your mind adrift with the inner-style workings of Thomas Prime. Cult Classic Records head Thomas Prime recently released this powerful set of instrumentals from two of his previous projects, Love Supersedes II and The Night & Day EP. Producing a cloud of superficial auroras and heightened moods, The Instrumental LP, Vol. 2 really provides insight into the musical world of Thomas Prime.

The definition of good trip-hop is Thomas Prime. Solid, clear beats providing the foundation for spacey, luminous backdrops and airy sounds, all while keeping the listener on their toes and wanting more. Near-expert notation, as well as dynamic phrases further progress the futuristic, yet comfortably modern-enough sound styles featured on this instrumental project.

Sampling in hip hop is age-old stuff, but Thomas Prime works on prospectively engineering more than just an original sound. Producers have made their own music to support their beats for years, but to create a watercolor of sound like Thomas Prime does is unique and definitely unprecedented. That is why Mr. Prime is the epitome of trip-hop; The Instrumental LP, Vol. 2 delves into a robust world of symphonic notes, other-worldly melodies and well-structured pieces to create a set of instrumentals for any fan of instrumental music, hip hop or not.

If you like sedentary, trance-like instrumental music, then you would love “Trapped (Find A Path).” If you like soulful hip hop with a twist, you would love “Forget Everything (To You).” If you like old school, boom-bap hip hop with a modern-day spin, then you would love “Heroes & Villains.” And if you love fun, upbeat jams, it is almost certain you would enjoy “L.O.Z.” Thomas Prime has a song for everyone which makes him such an appealing musician. A producer with that extra edge, Thomas Prime throws together some of his best instrumentals on The Instrumental LP, Vol. 2.


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