For the avant-garde purveyors out there, I encourage you to keep reading. For everyone else, I beg of you just one thing: stream the track below in its entirety. SP-MOLD has carefully and artfully crafted approximately three hours of raw instrumentation on midden. The music before you was created from live instruments galore. Paired with distribution via Stones Throw, the Leaving Records producer goes all in on the boom-bap, jazz, experimental wonders of what is essentially jam sessions but with an undeniable edginess to each movement. Below is a sample of what you can expect on midden, as well as a link to download the entire project (which we highly recommend).

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Stone is a hip-hop enthusiast residing in NJ/PA. As an aspiring hip-hop producer, Stone studies communications and shares his passion for music by letting the world in on the wonderful world of hip-hop.