All The Ways an Artist Can Promote Themselves and Their Music For Free


The Internet has made it easier than ever for a bedroom musician to break out and become an overnight success. This is the reality for only a few, however. The rest of us have to work hard to build a fan base and establish clout in such a saturated industry.

One of the most prevalent questions posed by aspiring artists, regardless of genre, is how to promote their music. While there are several paid options that can help you reach a wider audience, it’s best for newcomers to start small and take care of all the easier, free self-promotion tactics.

The First Step to Promoting Your Music Is…

Before you scroll and look at the options, it’s important to stress that the first step to promoting your music is to make good music. If your music is not polished, nobody’s going to want to hear it. Take a step back, don’t gas yourself – get a second opinion.

Ask someone you know that is willing to be brutally honest when listening to your art. If you’re confident – and others are, too – that your music is ready for a wider audience, then and only then should you begin to build a fan base.

All The Best Ways To Self-Promote Your Music Without Spending a Dime

  • Social Media
    • Instagram – post pictures and video clips
    • Facebook – keep your audience updated on important info and events
    • Twitter – keep up a conversation with your audience
    • YouTube – create great visual aides for your music
  • E-mail
    • Build an email list to stay in touch the old-fashioned way
  • Submit to blogs (but read our guide first)
  • Submit to college radio stations
  • Submit to podcasts
  • Music hosting sites (Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and others – try some we recommend)
  • Forums (MakingHipHop, We Are The Music Makers, and more on Reddit)
  • Your own blog
    • Starting your own blog can be a way for you to plug your music, while also creating a unique one-on-one relationship with your budding fanbase
  • Build connections
    • Go to shows, events, talk to people, whatever you can do; building connections is a great way to get people to like you before even hearing (and hopefully liking) your music
  • Open mics/local shows
    • This could be at restaurants, bars, small venues, parks, street corners, etc.
  • Collaborate with other artists
    • By collaborating, you expand your fan base to the other artist’s fanbase
  • Make yourself an Electronic Press Kit
  • Share with friends and family (just don’t annoy them)
  • Talk to local newspapers
    • Traditional press can help build up a local following
  • Engage with existing fans
    • Don’t lose fans you worked so hard to earn!

*We will update this list as we uncover more free ways to promote your music.

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