Doc Heller: Loop Diggin’ In The 8th Dimension [2013]

The new beat tape Loop Diggin’ In The 8th Dimension by producer Doc Heller has some of the chillest, forward-moving beats you’ve ever heard and probably will hear in a while. Picture yourself floating through the cosmos on some sort of futuristic spaceship, nodding your head the whole time. The kaleidoscope of sounds that span the thirty tracks on this project range from lush, soothing synths to random vocal samples and chopped up guitars in a sort of spacey conglomerate of abstract sounds.

“Loveliness of You” features a reverb-laden drum pattern backed by a round smooth bass and topped with the perfect electric piano swaying from left to right. With this track you can just sit back and watch the stars float right by you, not a care in the world, or the universe for that matter. Moreover, the sample choices heard on Loop Diggin’ In The 8th Dimension, and the way the music comes together overall, is very natural and really makes you feel like Doc Heller went digging for records in another universe or something. The overall sound is exactly as the record describes: from another dimension.

“Burnt Weeny Sandwich Medley” is another stand-out track that sounds as if Frank Zappa, John Frusciante and Ravi Shankar all collaborated on a track that was produced by DJ Premier. A dope drum pattern topped with what sounds like a sitar, while simultaneously being surrounded by a lush palette of electric guitars makes this track one of the best on this album.

So if you’re planning on taking a trip to another dimension any time soon, Loop Diggin’ In The 8th Dimension has more than enough music to get you there and keep you rockin’ the whole way. Pick it up on a limited edition cassette tape and rock that shit in your boom box!


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