Through a furious blend of soul and electronica, New Jersey’s Camille Safiya raps and sings with fervor on her latest and greatest project, making musical gold (pun intended) with 24K. Safiya transcends any one style by crooning and slaying beat after beat, be it trap-oriented or jazz-studded boom-bap. A singular theme, however, strings pieces of this album together, that being the theme of personal betterment and an unabashed critique of fame’s negative effect on people pursuing or even enjoying it. This theme, among others, is held up by Camille Safiya’s varying vocal styles, something of a passionate emcee that sings in the key of Amy Winehouse. The whole project is a whirlwind of vibes and is akin to the current sounds of Banks, FKA twigs and others, but with a more definitive hip-hop/soul flare. 24K  is a must-listen for fans of singing in electronica and hip-hop music, as well as those looking for a new sound to rock with. Stream Camille Safiya’s 24K below and download it for FREE.

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