AllOne: The Inevitable Effort [2012]


Experimental, extreme and subtle all at the same time, AllOne breaks down his conscience on The Inevitable Effort. As he rhymes “[he] wants to keep [us] moving through the night,” AllOne takes us on a journey via a loosely-constructed concept album. Relying on the words he writes, AllOne speaks his mind in a multi-faceted way through his latest musical endeavor.

Ultimately a conscious-emcee, AllOne utilizes his knack for writing complex, compounded rhymes to discuss his viewpoints. A barrage of mutlis define a majority of his rhymes schemes, especially on tracks such as “Grab the Horns.” AllOne is able to put a bunch of words in one sentence and keep words rhyming within bars in a nearly flawless manner. His approach to rhyming is realistic; there are no stretching of words or facade’s put up to bar himself off from his real self. Just by hearing how he rhymes and the words he speaks, one can tell that AllOne is as authentic as they get.

The production is handled entirely by Eb7#9 (E-flat-seven-sharp-nine). The beats are just as deep and booming as AllOne’s energy. Sampling strings, horns and more instrumental music, Eb7#9’s beats support the hard bars provided by the genuine emcee. Inciting a great deal of the overall mood on the track, the beats really help to establish a consistent establishment of vibes that AllOne feeds off of on each individual track.

Asserting himself to a higher level in a way, AllOne berates mainstream rappers by saying that they are ignorant and full of bliss because of this fact. Almost disturbed by the lack of ingenuity, AllOne seems troubled at the fact that what he sees is not what he wants for the world. All of this is portrayed through a slur of quick-spitting vocals, layered rhymes and a fast flow. AllOne can write a rhyme, no doubt, and he can really make a listener think about how they act, think, or even what they listen to. Mocking a lot of today’s trends, this rapper stays tried and true to the backpacker’s life and supports the underground and alternative lifestyle. If this is something that interests you, definitely preview the album via Bandcamp below. And if not, still give it a listen, because this is a good album, plus its available for FREE if you’re unable to drop a few bucks for the ‘name your price’ option.


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